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Millie Rosenbloom ... Leader in Chicago Real Estate

“When you work with Millie, you get the best Chicago has to offer,” touts Gerald Fogelson, President of The Fogelson Companies and co-founder of The Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate Advisory Board at Roosevelt University, when he introduces her to speak at events.  Talk to her past clients, the developers she works with, or her industry peers, and you’ll get the same response.  When you work with Millie, she gets the job done, plain and simple.

The ‘no-stone-unturned’ philosophy Millie’s honed over the past 20+years in the industry has not only protected her clients, but has gained her the reputation of “iconic to the real estate industry” by her colleagues.  From knowing the exact stain color on a wood floor, to reading the full 200-page condominium rules and regulations document on behalf of her clients, to noticing that the neighbors two-doors down are doing some work on their house, possibly indicating they’re getting ready to sell, her attention to detail always works in favor of her clients.  Known for her integrity, her intrinsic negotiating skills, and her eye for presentation, it’s no surprise that Millie’s sales volume rates in the top 1% among over 14,000 brokers in Chicago. 

Millie has earned a laundry list of both local and national awards and recognitions in her industry.   Most recent, Millie was #2 in city-wide sales volume for 2015, selling over $75 Million that year. Millie was the 2014 inductee into the Chicago Association of Realtors Hall of Fame.  Millie ranked #8 in sales volume and #64 in total units sold in 2012 for the nationwide "Top 400 Real Estate Professionals," published by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends, Inc.  Additionally, she has held multiple leadership positions within the Chicago, Illinois, and National Association of Realtors.  However, her personal claim to fame is the way she conducts her business. 

“Real estate is in my bones,” claims Millie.  “I grew up watching my parents buy residential properties as investments, fix them up and resell them for significant profits.  They did the work themselves, I helped, and we all took pride and ownership in the finished product.  I learned early in life the difference between a job well done and a shoddy cover-up when it comes to finishes and workmanship.  I quickly picked up the spread between the dollars invested each.” 

Later in life, Millie was able to apply that product knowledge to development planning and pricing, which led her to forging relationships with land owners, investors, and builders.  Millie’s personality and outgoing nature facilitates her creativity in bringing parties together and filling in the gap of their individual needs.

Residential clients, developers, investors, and other brokers look to Millie for advice regarding market trends, product feasibility, floor plans, finishes, amenities, cost analysis, and pricing.  She has participated in the acquisition of over $520 million in land development sites and has procured over $500 million in residential development sales, overseeing each from inception through final sell-out.  Additionally, Millie has brokered over $1billion in individual residential sales. 

Whether it’s a buyer that’s looking for something that doesn’t currently exist, a developer that can’t figure out the right way to market his product to his intended client demographic, or a seller that’s simply not going to sell his property for less than above-market value, Millie uses her accrued industry knowledge, her experience as a former real estate brokerage firm President and CEO, and her natural instinct toward reading what people want and how they want to be treated, to make great things happen. 

Millie is a currently a Broker with the Baird & Warner Lincoln Park office, where she is number 1 in the company sales out of over 2,000 agents. She is routinely quoted and featured in multiple media publications and broadcasts, including CNN and CNBC's Power Lunch segment.  Millie is actively involved in the Brain Research Foundation and the Greater North Michigan Avenue Sign and Urban Design Committee.  She resides in Lincoln Park with her husband, John Simon, and yellow Labradors, Mavis Belle and Mabel Mae.  While leading a whirlwind life, Millie always reserves ample time to share with her extensive family network.





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"I've heard that Millie is the top agent for Baird & Warner, and one of the top agents in Illinois. I know she's won numerous awards including from her peers. These are not why we chose to go with Millie.

My wife and I had been searching for a new home in Chicago after relocating back here. We started out with a large, "online" type of agency, had gone on countless home tours over the course of a year, and were no closer to owning a home. We felt we were not getting enough feedback from our agent, and had lost out on a number of offers as a result. Quite frankly, I felt that they were somewhat disengaged in the process.

One day, I was in the lobby of our condo and I spied Millie taking another client on a tour in our building. Within minutes, I could tell that she had a good rapport with them, was pointing out features of the building that they may have missed, and offering personalized advice. Clearly, here was someone who had listened to their clients with regards to what they were looking for and was fully engaged in the process. I literally chased her across the street to her car when she was done and introduced myself and got her card.

Immediately after calling her, giving her our list of criteria, Millie began working on putting together some potential options. Within days, found some homes we were interested in touring. She set these up, and we instantly felt at ease. She and her associate Lydia clearly knew the market and was able to walk us through the tours, offering valuable insights regarding location, potential faults, competetive pricing, etc. One month into working with Millie, I found a home that I was very interested in, which had been on the market for 2 days. We made an offer on day four. 45 minutes after making said offer, my wife went into labor. While driving to the hospital in crazed new-dad mode, Millie called me back with a counter from the seller, and asked what I wanted to do. I would have accepted the counter, but told Millie that I was in no place to make a decision, and asked her to take the lead. SHE decided to counter considerably lower, which was actually accepted. Over the next 48 hours, while we were in the hospital, I relied on Millie's advice and extensive network of contacts, followed her instructions step-by-step to set up attorney review, inspection, etc. She helped coordinate everything with our mortgage broker as well. We ultimately closed on the house within 45 days, and just moved in last week to our dream home.

Being a first time home-buyer and dad on the same day, let me tell you that we absolutely could not have survived this process without her expertise, her guidance, and her support. Millie, Lydia, and her team are top-notch, and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a home. We will be using them for all of our real-estate needs going forward.

Oh, I just received in the mail a wonderful, personalized book that Millie sent to our son for his birth."


by ragnarok4284

"Millie is great to work with. Her knowledge of the Chicago market and the network she has created within it are unparalleled. My wife and I had circulated through a few brokers over the years as we had a very specific idea of what we wanted and it wasn't easy to find in our area. In the end, Millie got it done for us and we are very happy in our new home.

Two thumbs up for Millie!"


by bh10908

"I don't normally write reviews about products, companies or people, but in this case I want anyone reading this that you don't have to look any further for your real estate agent.

My wife and I spent several months working with different agents. I guess it wasn't a surprise that a lot of agents are inexperienced and don't really know what they're doing. After months and months of searching we finally came across the extremely knowledgeable, professional and talented Millie. With Millie, you don't only get her 30+ years of experience, you also get her extremely adept and professional team which includes the amazingly talented Lydia. I can't say enough good things about working with both of them!

With their assistance we were able to buy the house of our dreams. They constantly went above and beyond helping us out and we'll forever be grateful.

I'd highly recommend anyone trying to find an agent or the perfect house/condo to give Millie a call!"


by Justin

"We made a career move to Chicago and engaged Millie for the purchase of our town home in Lincoln Park. Without a doubt, Millie is the most professional, knowledgeable, sensitive, perceptive, and helpful agent we've ever encountered. As two men who were unfamiliar with Chicago, we depended on Millie to give us the lay of the land, listen to our needs, advise us on areas/housing types, then strategize. Millie stayed patient as we changed our parameters from seeking a rental to making a purchase, and she kept us on track after the disappointment of a near-purchase that fell through (fickle seller). In the end, we found the perfect home, and it's all due to Millie's perseverance and keen guidance. Her years of experience were invaluable, and her sensitivity to our needs was stellar. Millie's a joy to work with."


by jmugge1

"This has not been our first move. As a matter of fact, we have moved many times between countries and states within the USA. In every case we have worked with real estate professionals. In that context we can say that Millie Rosenbloom has been the most knowable, skillful, and helpful. Her knowledge of the complex and dynamic real estate market in Chicago was instrumental in making our move an absolute success. Her empathic skills are extraordinary and allow her to quickly understand her clients. We are in many ways peculiar clients. We are both architects with high expectations for the quality and value of the properties we visited. Millie was able to quickly understand our perspective and filter a large volume of offers into a manageable target. Last but not least, she was always available for guiding us in the process, share her wisdom about the strategic value of our options, and provide the always needed handholding. When it is time to move again we will certainly ask Millie to take us through the process."


by gvv5