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“When you work with Millie, you get the best Chicago has to offer,” touts Gerald Fogelson, President of The Fogelson Companies and co-founder of The Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate Advisory Board at Roosevelt University, when he introduces her to speak at events.  Talk to her past clients, the developers she works with, or her industry peers, and you’ll get the same response.  When you work with Millie, she gets the job done, plain and simple.

The ‘no-stone-unturned’ philosophy Millie’s honed over the past 20+years in the industry has not only protected her clients, but has gained her the reputation of “iconic to the real estate industry” by her colleagues.  From knowing the exact stain color on a wood floor, to reading the full 200-page condominium rules and regulations document on behalf of her clients, to noticing that the neighbors two-doors down are doing some work on their house, possibly indicating they’re getting ready to sell, her attention to detail always works in favor of her clients.  Known for her integrity, her intrinsic negotiating skills, and her eye for presentation, it’s no surprise that Millie’s sales volume rates in the top 1% among over 14,000 brokers in Chicago. 

Millie has earned a laundry list of both local and national awards and recognitions in her industry, including ranking #8 in sales volume and #64 in total units sold in 2012 for the nationwide "Top 400 Real Estate Professionals," published by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends, Inc.  Additionally, she has held multiple leadership positions within the Chicago, Illinois, and National Association of Realtors.  However, her personal claim to fame is the way she conducts her business. 

“Real estate is in my bones,” claims Millie.  “I grew up watching my parents buy residential properties as investments, fix them up and resell them for significant profits.  They did the work themselves, I helped, and we all took pride and ownership in the finished product.  I learned early in life the difference between a job well done and a shoddy cover-up when it comes to finishes and workmanship.  I quickly picked up the spread between the dollars invested each.”
Later in life, Millie was able to apply that product knowledge to development planning and pricing, which led her to forging relationships with land owners, investors, and builders.  Millie’s personality and outgoing nature facilitates her creativity in bringing parties together and filling in the gap of their individual needs.

Residential clients, developers, investors, and other brokers look to Millie for advice regarding market trends, product feasibility, floor plans, finishes, amenities, cost analysis, and pricing.  She has participated in the acquisition of over $520 million in land development sites and has procured over $500 million in residential development sales, overseeing each from inception through final sell-out.  Additionally, Millie has brokered over $1billion in individual residential sales. 

Whether it’s a buyer that’s looking for something that doesn’t currently exist, a developer that can’t figure out the right way to market his product to his intended client demographic, or a seller that’s simply not going to sell his property for less than above-market value, Millie uses her accrued industry knowledge, her experience as a former real estate brokerage firm President and CEO, and her natural instinct toward reading what people want and how they want to be treated, to make great things happen. 

Millie is a currently a Broker with the Baird & Warner Lincoln Park office, where she is number 1 in the company sales out of over 2,000 agents. She is routinely quoted and featured in multiple media publications and broadcasts, including CNN and CNBC's Power Lunch segment.  Millie is actively involved in the Brain Research Foundation and the Greater North Michigan Avenue Sign and Urban Design Committee.  She resides in Lincoln Park with her husband, John Simon, and yellow Labradors, Mavis Belle and Mabel Mae.  While leading a whirlwind life, Millie always reserves ample time to share with her extensive family network.​




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"Millie and her team were very knowledgeable about the Chicago market and provided top notch advice and services throughout the sale process of our Lincoln Park condo. Very professional and thorough every step of the way. Highly recommend her for anyone on the buy or sell side."


by aab162

"Millie was absolutely phenomenal. She found me exactly what I was looking for and helped me find and close on my first home within 30 days!!! Millie also has a great network. I was able to use all of her resources (lawyer, brokers, etc) and they got the job done and were a pleasure to work with. Millie is smart, responsive, efficient, knows the market, is easy to work with, and this process was just a pleasure because of her. I would highly recommend using Millie to buy or purchase a home. You will be happy you did!"


by dursomaryann

"In a nutshell, we were absolutely thrilled with Millie. She listed our single family home for about 10 percent MORE than what other brokers suggested, and delivered two full price offers within three days of hitting the market. Millie "drove the bus" for the entire process, and alleviated any stress or angst a home seller might otherwise endure.

My husband and I sought out the very best Realtor in Chicago to sell our historic brownstone house in the Astor Historic District in Chicago. My mother has been a Realtor in NY for decades, so I was very particular and picky in my search. After interviewing the top five brokers in the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park, we chose Millie, and are so happy we did! Here's what we loved about Millie:

1. Millie is kind and positive, which set the tone for the entire home sale process. No matter how lovely your home might be, it seems that the trend with many Realtors is to tell you everything that is wrong with your home during the first tour (this was the case with the other four brokers I interviewed). This is NOT Millie's style. Instead, Millie was kind, positive, and pointed out all of the great and unique aspects of the our home, and offered helpful hints to stage some areas. She made us feel good. Your home is like your child, and you want to hear good things about it. Additionally, Millie doesn't engage in any of the Realtor cattiness. She keeps it classy and positive throughout. I can't emphasize enough how vital this is for someone who is representing your home.

2. Millie is incredibly sharp, and very well-respected amongst her peers. I first learned of Millie's name when another Realtor friend referred to her as "the most well-respected powerhouse in Chicago." Additionally, when I broke the news to the other Realtors we interviewed, they all remarked in one way or another that Millie is excellent. When we were interviewing brokers, many said that we might have to sell at a lower price, due to the lower price we paid when we first bought the home. Not Millie. Her response to that issue was, "No other brokers would try to pull that bologna with me. The market will predict the value of your home, and that's it." She was thankfully correct.

3. Millie is knowledgable, and a fantastic negotiator. When we had the two full price offers within the first week of listing, Millie was quick not to let one of the offers go. She did her homework, and presented us with the buyer she thought was strongest. At the same time, she was able to keep the secondary buyer in the game until after inspection and contracts were signed. We felt protected.

4. Millie has an exceptional team. The young ladies who work with Millie are the utmost professionals. They are like mini Millies: Sharp, attentive, knowledgable, beautiful, impeccably dressed, and kind.

Millie is quite simply the best."


by krystie inman

"Millie helped us buy a town home and simultaneously sell our condo in Lincoln Park. We loved working with her and were impressed with her great market knowledge and strategy both with our listing and negotiating as buyers. When looking for a new place, Millie helped us choose a home that is perfect for us. When we considered stretching beyond our original price range, Millie actually encouraged us to stick with it given what we wanted and what was available - and that made a lasting impression on us. Millie is extremely responsive and when we worked with members of her team on occasion, they were just as professional, courteous and responsive. We are thrilled with the outcome on both counts and greatly, greatly appreciate Millie's guidance and approach."


by michellecwells

"Millie provides the gold-standard of real estate services in Chicago. When we first met Millie she was representing the seller of a foreclosed property we were purchasing. The process was complex and we ran into several issues that almost killed the deal. Millie handled these challenges with grace and integrity and brought the deal to close. We were so impressed with Millie that we asked her to represent us in purchasing another foreclosed investment property. Millie’s advice was spot on and we got a smoking deal on the property. In both instances Millie was impressively responsive to our needs (big and small) and was, at all times, a consummate professional. In addition, Millie’s knowledge of the Chicago real estate market is impressive, making her a great asset to have on your side in any kind of real estate transaction. We are currently working with Millie on yet another project, and look forward to a long, fruitful partnership with her."


by ntauke