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Millie Rosenbloom: The Essential Collection of Real Estate™.

For over two decades, I have enjoyed the excitement and fulfillment of a career in luxury residential real estate in Chicago. Each of the properties for which I have brokered a purchase, sale or lease has provided great professional and personal satisfaction. Each transaction represents the achievement of a client’s desire to not merely occupy a physical space, but to inhabit a comfortable sanctuary in which to gather the most important people in one’s life and realize private dreams.

Whatever the abode, it is this core of humanness that makes a house a home. The consciousness of this feeling motivated me to share with you the great diversity of ways in which architectural design, finishes, location and ambience inspire and motivate each individual to find that special place meant for them.

I hope that you enjoy considering the possibilities of finding a happy future in The Essential Collection of Real Estate. It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you in making your dream of a home a reality.



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